Our Oranges

It is in this ideal place where Naranjas La Motilla is born. It is located in Los Rosales (Seville), which belongs to the lower Guadalquivir Valley. It is the meeting place for our family, but also where the oranges that we sell are produced. Oranges that we offer from family to family. With the smell of orange blossom in spring, the farm is the best place to enjoy the countryside. Our hectares of fields are full of orange trees cultivated with a lot of love.

At Naranjas La Motilla we are clear about how essential fruit is. It helps us to enjoy a long and healthy life. Our oranges contribute to improving the quality of food, and also, they will draw a smile on you and yours, whether you eat them or drink them in the form of juice. They achieve this due to its unmistakable flavor, achieved without manipulation, without waxing, without hitting, without brushing, without chemical process of color acceleration and without going through cold stores. So alone, from our orange tree to your house

The Guadalquivir Valley

The lands of the Guadalquivir Valley, by themselves, enjoy enormous fertility and clay components. To this must be added the sun, water, the typology of the earth and the mild temperature of winter. For this reason, these lands have been exploited agriculturally since ancient times and specialize in the cultivation of citrus. Besides being a beautiful place, the ideal place for its cultivation and in Naranjas La Motilla we know it.

The Guadalquivir river, as it passes between Córdoba and Seville, discovers a valley whose leafiness, richness and diversity make it one of the most productive and important areas in Spain. It is a worldwide reference. In addition, it has an intense color produced by the high concentration of minerals and vitamins. Thus, all Naranjas La Motilla products have low acidity and high sweetness.

Finally, we must take into account the climate of the Guadalquivir Valley. Thanks to their more than 4,000 hours of sunshine a year and different thermal contrasts, they provide a unique appearance, aroma and flavor to citrus.

Our family

At Naranjas La Motilla we have been loving and tilling the land since 1902, with special dedication to each product, each harvest.

La Motilla today

At present and reaching the fourth generation, we continue working in the same way, transmitting from generation to generation the most important values of our family, honesty and sincerity, we combine experience and innovation with our crops, for moments like irrigation: the Irrigation is drip, the water supply being constant and allowing the roots to catch the water necessary for their fruits. In addition, 9 years ago we implemented an innovation that allowed us to monitor the state of citrus fruits at all times (you know exactly where and how our fruits are). Thanks to this, in Naranjas La Motilla we were also able to implement a management system based on certifications that guarantee quality and food safety of the products. That makes our oranges the best, we can guarantee it.

Experience, knowledge and good work

In other words, experience, knowledge and good work have been present in the family since our beginnings. Transmitting from family to family the ways of growing a high quality orange, respecting the environment and giving priority to flavor. Naranjas La Motillla has the GLOBALGAP international food safety and quality protocol certificate, which is concerned with the following aspects:

-Food safety and traceability
-Environment (including biodiversity)
-Health, safety and well-being of the worker
-Animal welfare
-Includes Integrated Crop Management (MIC), Integrated Pest Management (IPM), Quality Management Systems (QMS) and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP)