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    Extra premium quality tangerines, exquisite for any time of the day. They are very sweet, grown in a healthy way, with high standards of demands to ensure their quality and that you can enjoy the true flavor of a mandarin. Hand-picked directly from our trees at the time of receiving your order.

    The mandarin is more tolerant to cold and drought than the orange tree, although it does not tolerate temperatures below 3ºC.

    The mandarin is sensitive to the salinity of the water, we have our own water wells with a degree of zero salinity that supply our trees with total normality. Salinity generally affects plant growth.


    In the market the consumer can find the following varieties:
    • Clementines, their size is smaller than Satsumas, but their flavor is of better quality. Its collection is later.
    • Satsumas, is the earliest variety, of lower quality than Clementine in flavor and we emphasize that it does not contain seed.
    • Other types: Nova, Citroyer, Fortune, etc.
    Subscriber of the land
    Tangerines require a lot of organic fertilizer, both macro and micronutrients. This supposes an extra cost in the production that thanks to our way of cultivating by supplying organic matter to the tree, we get a higher quality fruit and lower costs.
    How we make the payment:
    • Until the start of the second sprouting, we do not start fertilizing. The most advisable thing is to pay in each irrigation.

    • Mandarin watering in summer is daily and in winter it is recommended two to three times a week.

    Harvesting the mandarin

    As in all the citrus fruits of our farm, we do it manually, avoiding the pull of the fruit, which would lead to deterioration of its quality and presentation.

    Nutritional value of mandarin (every 100 grams)

    Water (g) 87
    Proteins (g) 0.8
    Lipids (g) 0.2
    Carbohydrates (g) 11.6
    Calories (Kcal) 46
    Vitamin A (U.I.) 420
    Vitamin B1 (mg) 0.07
    Vitamin B2 (mg) 0.02
    Vitamin B6 (mg) 0.07
    Nicotinic acid (mg) 0.2
    Vitamin C (mg) 31
    Sodium (mg) 2
    Potassium (mg) 110
    Calcium (mg) 40
    Magnesium (mg) 11
    Manganese (mg) 0.04
    Iron (mg) 0.4
    Copper (mg) 0.1
    Phosphorus (mg) 18
    Sulfur (mg) 10
    Chlorine (mg) 2


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